Grade 4 At-A-Glance

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The Primary Focus in Fourth Grade

In grade 4 students will build on their knowledge of basic facts and apply it to multi-digit multiplication and division problems. Fourth graders apply their understanding of place value to larger numbers. Students use a variety of strategies to solve problems using estimation and mental computation. In grade four, students will build on their understanding of fractions to add, subtract, multiply and find equivalent fractions. Fourth graders analyze and classify geometric figures based on properties such as parallel sides, perpendicular sides and angle measurements. Students will describe shapes and solids through estimated and actual measurements.

Activities At Home

  • Make up numbers, roll numbers with dice, or find numbers (on labels) and compare them
  • Find large numbers in articles and newspapers. Place them on a number line.
  • Take handfuls of objects (i.e. Cheerios) and estimate how many.
  • Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts
  • Create numbers to use in fractions
  • Use measuring cups when baking or cooking
  • Pick numbers to create fractions-Practice simplifying them
  • Find numbers in the real world and discuss which place value (and/or value) each digit represent
  • Draw different shapes. Divide them into different fractions.
  • Create numbers to use in fractions. Draw these fractions as parts of a whole or set.
  • Relate dimes to tenths and pennies to hundredths and make up decimals using dimes and pennies.
  • Use a menu to compare money.
  • Roll dice to make decimal numbers and compare them.
  • Write decimal numbers in expanded form.
  • Write decimal numbers in word form.
  • Identify decimals in a newspaper.


Homework addresses the skills and concepts from the previous unit and the current unit. Homework may not be directly related to the day's lesson. The skill practice from the current unit will be provided to students only after students have an understanding of a concept.

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